Feed Reader

The Datacasting Feed Reader is a Java-based tool for subscribing to datacasting feeds and enabling automatic download and display of scientific data. It also empowers users with the ability to filter on the content within the datacasting feeds and thereby acquire only the data that is needed.

The Datacasting Feed Reader can be used to subscribe to normal RSS feeds as well as Datacasting RSS feeds, allowing for "mash-ups" across multiple information sources.

Feed Reader Version

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Feed Publisher

The Datacasting Publisher is set of Python scripts intended for data providers to easily create and manage Datacasting Feeds.

Feed Publisher Version

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Other Software


Data::Downloader allows one to download and maintain local repositories of files. File metadata may be obtained from RSS or Atom feeds. Files are stored using MD5 sums, and symbolic links can be created based on the metadata for the files. Information about the Data::Downloader can be found at https://metacpan.org/module/Data::Downloader

You can contact us by email at datacasting@list.jpl.nasa.gov.