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Agriculture (1)
forest science, soils...

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Phenomena (10)
hurricane, wild fire... 

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precipitation, air quality...

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Solid Earth (3)
geochemistry, seismology... 

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ecosystems, vegetation...

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Spectral or Engineering (3)
radar, visible imagery... 

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animals/invertebrates, plants...

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Sun-Earth Interactions (0)
auroras, solar activity... 

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Climate Indicators (0)
air temperature, drought...

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Terrestrial Hydrosphere (0)
ground water, water quality... 

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Cryosphere (0)
frozen ground, sea ice...

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Data Centers (16)

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Human Dimensions (6)
land use, population...

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Projects (1)

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Land Surface (0)
erosion, topography...

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Instruments / Sensors (7)

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Oceans (4)
ocean temperature, salinity...

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Platforms / Sources (239)

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ice cores, land records...


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